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ASTRO SHIPMANAGEMENT, INC. (hereinafter referred to as “ASMI”) was founded and incorporated in August 26, 1994. The Company was formed to primarily engage in the business of general ship management services to foreign ship owners or operators of ocean- going vessels in compliance with the international covenants and standards.

In October 20, 1997 ASMI first acquired its Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) International Safety Management (ISM) Certification. With this, ASMI operates within the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention.

With the direct support of several of its shareholders, ASMI is continuously striving hard to improve its operation systems, maintain and uplift its International Standards of work quality and efficiency as a shipmanagement company. With the length of time in the business our experiences in work makes us strong to stand all the odds and trials of the industry. ASMI is composed of a group of highly trained and dynamic professionals to serve our client with utmost care, dedication and sincerity.

Being cost conscious is one of the many qualities our company has. We believe that by helping our client cut unnecessary expenses, elevate income and returns and providing an un -interrupted vessel operations, we are also helping ourselves and give our company the biggest chance to grow more in the industry.

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Your partner in attaining quality ships and safe sea travel.


To ensure safety sea travel through proper sea fleet management

To ensure quality ships by proper and keen supervision

To provide efficient and prompt Technical services to our clients at the lowest possible cost

To elevate sea transport business income with the highest possible return by maintaining ships at its top condition

To train and develop worthy vessel crews capable of handling all types of vessel in accordance to the generally accepted International System Management standards

To deliver the vessels needs at the fastest possible means

To play active role in the sea transport industry through sincere and dedicated Ship management work

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ASTRO SHIPMANAGEMENT INC. set sail towards EXCELLENCE, showcasing

its mission and dedication to compliance of all maritime regulations.

Leveraging cutting-edge solutions, we propel towards efficiency and

reliability in maritime operations.