“Provide complete marine services, as principals or agent, to ship owners, ship operators and managers, and to any person, association, firm or corporation engage in international marine and maritime business, such as but not limited to, full and partial crewing of ocean going vessels in case to case basis, acting as managers of ships or their crew, acting as ship chandler, and trading in marine supplies and equipment in case to case basis”.

New Building Supervision

ASMI will supervise the whole process of New Ship build / Ship conversion and will see to it that it conforms to the standard and agreement between the shipyard and the owner. Being the representative of the owner/customer, ASMI will make sure that the quality of works and the performance of the machinery will comply according the specification indicated on the ship’s design andmachinery specification. Any deviation from the original specifications, ASMI will inform the owner/customer as well as submit corresponding claims to the shipyard owner the damages it may have caused. After the new ship is built or ship conversion is completed, ASMI will acknowledge vessels acceptance by supervising the Test and Sea Trial prior to vessel delivery.

    The specific services to be carried out by ASMI are as follows:

  • Review the specification in accordance to the agreed contract
  • Review the specific ship’s design/drawing in accordance to the agreed contract
  • Technical supervision during the entire process of said project
  • Coordinate with class surveyor during the process of said project
  • Coordinate with yard representatives during the process of said project
  • Attest the acceptance/delivery of the vessel during sea trial
  • Supervise/educate any crew prior to her delivery
  • Review any claims such as the quality of work and project cost if necessary
  • Other responsibility that is not specified herein but applicable in the future
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ASMI will manage the vessel upon delivery and will see to it that daily operation conforms to the agreement between the owner/customer and to the charterer’s party. Astro Shipmanagement, Inc., will make sure that her daily operation will not be hampered or interrupted by any untoward incident that will affect her safety and cargo operation. ASMI will also monitor the vessel in a day to day basis and will assist or prepare any requirements from spare parts, stores/provision, classy survey, repair and other necessary arrangement.

Moreover, in order to maintain and monitor vessels condition, ASMI will conduct onboard and on voyage inspection to ensure and check crews’ maintenance operation. At the same time, ASMI will supervise vessels dry-docking by ensuring that proper maintenance and counter measure are being carried out before she will resume her voyage operation.

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    The specific services to be carried out by ASMI are as follows:

  • Constant communication to all manage vessels and issue instruction if necessary
  • Draw out maintenance plan to ensure vessel tip top condition through short and long term preventive maintenance
  • Carry out on board and on voyage inspection to ensure and observe machinery condition as well as crew capability and issue non conformity if found necessary

The Purchasing Section

ASMI prepares ship’s requirement by providing quality spare parts, stores/provision and other requirements related to vessel’s operation without interrupting the ship’s operation. ASMI will ensure that budget cost for the vessel is properly monitored and will see to it that cost reduction is appropriate to her yearly running cost.

    The specific services to be carried out by ASMI are as follows:

  • Check/review vessel requirements before final approval
  • Ask suppliers quotation and make comparison chart for final approval to Top Management Review and control of ship’s yearly budget in accordance to owner’s budget
  • Advise advance notice of delivery when or prior to deliver the requirements by informing the vessels
  • Monitor/check all sub-standards or second hands spare parts before delivering it to vessels
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Ships Operation

  • Technical supervision for any kind of repair or installation of new equipment and system;
  • Arrange ship’s class survey according to vessel class survey status on any convenient port;
  • Draw out dry-docking plan schedule in accordance with ship class survey status;
  • Prepare dry-docking specifications and at the same time prepare necessary spare parts prior to vessel dry-docking;
  • Draw out comparison chart from yard quotation and submit to Top Management for final approval and see to it that allocated dry docking budget are within the scope of works made;
  • Attend vessel dry-docking and negotiate with shipyard as per owner’s budget;
  • Review/minimize operational budget of each vessels in accordance to owner’s instruction;

ASMI will screen all vessel crew candidates prior to embarkation to any fleet under our management to ensure quality and safety during her operation. Moreover, ASMI will conduct Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (P.D.O.S) to all crew involved prior to their departure to emphasize the company policy. ASMI will educate and reprimand the crew prior to joining the vessels about any consequences that might terminate their contract and will create displeasures and bad reputation from both sides namely between charterer, owner and manning company as follows:

  • Pollution prevention especially during bunkering Safe navigation and passage planning
  • Proper watch keeping for key officers
  • Realistic emergency drills
  • ISM familiarization
  • Human relationship by emphasizing respect to superior Realistic evaluation by Master/Senior Officer
  • Wearing proper uniform while in port
  • Strict compliance of shore liberty
  • Observe port regulation
  • Proper disposal of plastics and its ashes and other garbage Health control and reduce visit to doctor while in port Proper reporting and proper engine maintenance

Crew Training

ASMI makes sure the continuous training of officers and crews are being carried out on board and while the crew at shore in accordance with the ISM Code. The Shipmanagement has established in-house training center for the development of the quality of the crew. The training modules are so designed to fit for the daily maintenance and daily operational needs of the vessels.

ASMI also updates the knowledge of the crew about the new regulations and international requirements for safe and efficient operation of the vessels. The officers are also assured of self-improvement that could boost their confidence for promotions.

ASMI believes in the principle of development of cadetship system for the future supply of qualified and efficient officers in the future. These cadets will be trained and developed to become the next officers/engineers in the ASMI’s fleet.


Cadetship Development Program

ASMI believes in the principle of development of cadetship system for the future supply of qualified and efficient officers in the future. These cadets will be trained and developed to become the next officers/engineers in the ASMI’s fleet.

ASMI makes good relations with the different maritime institutions for the acquisitions of the potential excellent seafarers. ASMI cadets are being monitored and being supported from the student days up to the actual seafaring days.


ASMI will ensure that all vessels will comply with the International Safety Management System otherwise known as I.S.M. system. It is the duty of ASMI to monitor the effectiveness of the system by conducting regular internal and external audit. ASMI will maintain the effectiveness of the system by issuing non-conformity statements if found necessary.

    ASMI will conduct onboard and on voyage inspection to confirm the following I.S.M. matters:

  • I.S.M. compilation of checklist onboard
  • Effectiveness, observation and review of the system
  • Implementation of the system
  • Issuance of non conformity of the system if necessary


ASMI will ensure that all financial aspects are being properly monitored by this section. This section also plays its part in controlling expenses within the ships agreed budgets and communicates with the owner to ensure ASMI is placed with funds on a timely basis to ensure the prompt payment of ship’s disbursements and to ensure the credit standing of its ship-owner is protected.

Part of this section’s responsibility is to perform an efficient accounting of vessel transactions, monitoring and analyzing accounts attributed to each vessel and owner, and providing clients with timely and accurate reports and statements.It also monitors ASMI company overheads to control costs and make counter measure if deem necessary.

In September 2007, ASMI gained its Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Certification as an IT enable enterprise performing 100% outsourced services for foreign clients. This gives ASMI certain tax concessions and privileges. The company shall adopt a new accounting system that shall cater to its client preferences using multicurrency reporting per individual vessel or consolidated formats. This system shall provide accurate and timely accounting and financial reports for business decisions.